Welcome to the PCAN-Basic.NET Package Documentation

This documentation refers to the use of the PCAN-Basic.NET package for connecting to and communicating with CAN and CAN FD Buses using the .NET environment.

The underlaying PCAN-Basic API (application programming interface) allows easy development of powerful software with CAN and CAN FD support. It includes all of the functions that an application needs in order to communicate with PCAN PC hardware. The cross-operating-system design makes it possible to easily port software projects between platforms.

PCAN-Basic consists of the actual device driver and an interface DLL, which provides the API functions.

As the successor to PCAN-Light, PCAN-Basic offers increased functionality and extended language support. It provides various functions for developers under C++, C#, C++/CLR, Delphi, VB.NET, Java, and Python 3.x.

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